The different channels used by direct marketing

Direct marketing refers to a communication technique that is very popular among companies that want to reach a targeted audience directly. The data communicated is indeed transmitted without any intermediary. Direct marketing campaigns are usually integrated into the company's business strategy. But what are the different communication tools used by direct marketing?

Direct marketing: definition

In principle, direct marketing is used to transmit a relevant, personalized, and precise message to prospects or customers. The goal of adopting such a strategy is to create a measurable reaction in the immediate future. Direct marketing is a communication technique used by companies in order to trigger an appointment, a request for a quote, or a purchase. Indeed, the proposal of promotional offers to well-defined categories of customers is indispensable when you consider conducting direct marketing campaigns.

What are the principles of direct marketing?

Generally speaking, direct marketing is used to establish personalized relationships between prospects, customers, and the company. In order to be successful in direct marketing, there are a number of things you need to consider. You must be able to provide a direct response to your contacts. The use of an appropriate communication tool as well as the establishment of a customer file are also necessary. Finally, you must propose a particular offer on a service or a product. As far as the objective is concerned, direct marketing consists in attracting the attention of customers and encouraging them to react to a given offer. The aim of such a strategy is to send a message with a view to building customer loyalty or attracting new prospects. In some cases, the objectives of direct marketing differ according to the strategic needs of a company. This may concern for example the establishment of a database, changing the behavior of leads, etc.

Which communication media are used in direct marketing?

You can use different communication media for your direct marketing campaigns. Your selection depends on the expected customer return and your budget. In general, direct marketing is based on the use of distribution channels such as emailing or email marketing, mailing or snail mail, telemarketing or telephone calls, and mobile marketing.

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