Direct marketing: identify your target before you start

Published on : 17 September 20222 min reading time

Before defining your target audience, try to properly analyze your product or service. Are you targeting individuals or businesses? Because the services you offer are different, you may need to reach different groups of customers. So it’s important to know who you’re targeting.

What are the principles of direct marketing?

How does the direct marketing strategy work? This direct approach to a target audience, such as a specific company or customer, can fill a simple need to enhance your marketing strategy. Indeed, this form of direct marketing can considerably improve your company’s offer and communication, as it exactly matches the needs of your target group. It is advisable to use a PIM to make it easier for yourself. But in order for this direct communication to be effective and to build trust with your target audience right from the start, you must properly apply the fundamentals of direct marketing.

What is targeting?

Targeting, or audience selection, is an advertising process that simply means identifying and selecting the segment of consumers to whom you want to offer your product or service. For example, let’s say a toy manufacturer has children as their primary target audience. Therefore, they target children. If a manufacturer or retailer focuses almost exclusively on a particular target group, that group can be called the primary target group. In this case, it is their primary customer group. The strategy is based on segmentation. Incorrect segmentation can jeopardize the long-term future of a company if it is not immediately remedied. Therefore, it is best to act with caution, consistency, and professionalism.

How do PIM solutions work?

PIM solutions have many features tailored to the needs of consumers and especially businesses. For example, you can import layer files. It can also be integrated with other applications through data aggregation. Integration with PIM software is also one of the criteria for software selection: e-commerce service providers can use PIM software to organize product information according to their needs and catalogs. The standardization and structuring phase is crucial for quality tools. PIM solutions also facilitate the integration of images, multimedia files, and content across sales channels. Product sheets can also be shared in large numbers, thus reducing manual work.

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