Career: what are the prospects in the digital marketing sector?

In France, holders of the Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing generally have the choice between two career options at the end of their apprenticeship program. On the one hand, they can go on to higher education, for example by joining the Digital Strategy Master's program. On the other hand, they have the possibility of entering the job market directly. Students who have chosen this second option can quickly find work in the communication and digital marketing sector.

Tips for integrating the Digital Marketing Bachelor

The Digital Marketing Bachelor's program is accessible to students who have completed two years of higher education. Candidates must also be under 30 years old and have a good command of English (oral and written) to be admitted. Professionals with considerable experience in the sector can also enroll in the Bachelor's via the VAE system. The Bachelor of Digital Marketing in France is prepared in 1 year. The learning modules are taught in alternating years. The student is required to work 7 days a week in a company and to attend 3 days of theoretical classes in the classroom. During that year, the apprentice follows training courses focused on digital marketing techniques.

Professional opportunities for the Digital Marketing Bachelor

After completing a work-study program in a specialized school and obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing, the graduate who has decided to enter the job market directly has access to a number of professions. For example, he can become an assistant Community Manager, assistant digital project manager, assistant in the field of production, assistant in Communication and Events, assistant Account Manager, assistant in Web Marketing, E-commercial, or even 1st level manager of a commercial team. Currently, these professions are continuing to recruit and they can provide candidates with the opportunity to work abroad.

Pursuing higher education in digital marketing

Students who have obtained the title of "Digital Marketing and Business Performance Manager" can also continue their higher education in the field of Digital Marketing. Specialized schools in France allow them for example to integrate the Digital Strategy Master's program to reinforce their knowledge and know-how. In addition, higher education allows trainees to boost their chances of accessing management positions in the digital communication and marketing sector. The Digital Strategy Master's degree is an apprenticeship program that lasts 2 years. It prepares students for the title of "Manager of Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy". The latter is certified by the State and is equivalent to a Master's degree in the grandes ├ęcoles.

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