How to establish your operational marketing plan?

An operational marketing plan determines all the methods and techniques to achieve the set objectives. By implementing it, you will highlight the weaknesses and strengths of your company. It is a great tool to identify the strategies to be pursued and then to elaborate them.

What is an operational marketing plan?

An operational marketing plan refers to all the tools, techniques and means to be used to achieve the goal of the marketing strategy set. This plan allows, in fact, to determine the various actions to be implemented. It is called the " operational marketing plan ". It also contributes to making decisions that will be developed in the short and medium-term, as opposed to strategic marketing, which targets long-term results. Strategic marketing and operational marketing are therefore interdependent and complementary. The first serves the second. In order to elaborate a global strategy, it is essential to focus on these two forms of marketing. Thus, the operational marketing plan is the strategic axis determined to reach the defined goal and also to identify the ways to proceed as well as the strategic plans. The plan is developed over a period of one year and it summarizes the various actions to be undertaken the following year. Knowing that the operational marketing plan is updated every year. To make your operational marketing plan successful, you can use Goaland solutions.

Conduct an audit or diagnosis

To be effective and practical, the operational marketing plan must take into account certain factors: Target market status: growth, size, outlook, maturity, etc. Competitive positioning: it is necessary to determine your possible competitors in your sector, their positioning, the particularity of their offers, the criteria which distinguish them... The service or the concerned product: the product information, its weaknesses, strengths, etc. The target customer: expectations, socio-demographic profile, interests, needs, habits... Cost strategy to be developed: it varies according to your objectives (increase the sales turnover or gain market shares) Means of promotion and communication at your disposal The various distribution channels in which you can invest.

Reviewing last year's operational marketing plan

As the operational marketing plan for the following year is determined, it is updated annually. The results that are obtained from previous years are instructive. For this reason, during the planning process, a balance sheet should be systematically drawn up, listing the strategies that have been implemented in the past year and their impact (positive or negative). In this case, it is necessary to define effective and reproducible methods and techniques.

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