How to conduct a technical audit of your website?

Over the years, the website audit has gradually disappeared from the radar screen while it was very popular in the 90s to the year 2000. However, in the most integral way, in addition to a marketing perspective, especially in the field of conversion, it has resurfaced with renewed vigor. What are the steps to follow to perform a technical audit?

Analysis of the website from a technical perspective

This part focuses on the technical aspects of the site and then on its SEO optimization. This analysis concerns the technical points that contain the presence of a content management software (CMS) and its maintenance, the configuration, and performance of storage resources, and the deployment of techniques and codes (HTTPS/CSS3/HTML5) as well as the recency and design of your site. Although this work has already been considerably done by the tools, to fully understand the report, human analysis is necessary.

Analysis of the website from a user experience perspective

The user experience contains the notions of optimization (navigation, design, content, ergonomics). It is frequently used throughout. Regarding the design of the site, we must objectively study the responsive design (an adapted display), the visual rendering (the seasoning of colors, the menu, etc.), and the visual constitution of the pages (placement of images, sections, etc.). For ergonomics, the site must contain a menu that is easy to understand, interactive, and properly designed.

Analysis of the website from the perspective of conversion

The most important success factor in a website is the sales funnel. A website must contain a path for each of the priority targets. This type of audit aims to identify leaks in the conversion stages, improve each conversion path and certify the relevance of the tunnel to the target. A website also needs content to function. Therefore, the audit must have the ability to control the content of the site and verify the relevance of its content. For each step of the decision maker's buying process, an evaluation must also be made by the auditor. Besides the content, the vital points of a conversion strategy site are the conversion tools. They allow recognition of the visitors. Therefore, the web audit must focus on verifying the presence of these tools in each sales funnel, analyzing the conversion rates, and looking for areas of improvement.

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